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Want To Get PAID To Reach Your Goals?
Let me ask you a question...

What if I told you there was a way to reach your top fitness goal in 6 weeks and get PAID to do it?

Would you do it?


And that is EXACTLY what you can do with the Your Goal Challenge!

This isn't another weight loss challenge that requires you to starve yourself for results, or jump through tons of hoops to succeed and get paid.


It's as simple as:

1. You set your TOP fitness goal

2. In 6 weeks, we help you reach it!

3. You get PAID!

Ready to get started? Well here's how we'll help you get there:

We'll make sure you have the workouts, nutrition and accountability and support you need to get results inside and outside the gym!

You'll work with amazing Redefining Strength trainers 3 times a week doing workouts that will help you get results FAST.

You'll get a nutritional program that will make sure you properly fuel your workouts to get the lean, strong body you want. 

You'll also get the accountability and support you need to stay on track and moving forward toward your goal. Whether you need a pep talk or simply a home workout, we'll make sure you're never alone throughout the entire process.

And you'll have the wonderful support of the entire RS community whether you're training at the gym or seeking motivation in our private Facebook group!

So let me ask you again...

If you could start today and reach your top fitness goal in 6 weeks and get PAID to reach that goal...would you do it!?

If you're ready to reach your goal, click the green button below now.

P.S. Even if you don't join our program, take advantage of the motivation you feel right now because there is a way you can finally achieve your fitness goals! It will be worth it!
Check Out How We Make The Process EASY...
Your 3-Part Plan:
You'll train with our amazing coaches 3 times a week in the gym, using our functional fitness approach to get you the results you want. 

We will even provide you with any outside workouts you need to stay motivated and on track so you can continue to get results even AFTER the 6 weeks are over!

You'll feel and see yourself getting stronger each and every week!
Dialing in your nutrition isn't just about losing weight and body fat. It's about fueling your body so you feel great and accomplish your fitness goals!

We'll help you dial in your macros so you can get killer results in 6 weeks and develop a LIFESTYLE!

Indulge in the foods you love as you get lasting results!
We will be there every step of the way to ensure you get results. We'll be checking in on you to make sure you have the support and accountability you need! 

AND you'll have access to our amazing private Facebook group any time you need the extra push or  support!

We WANT you to succeed and get paid because we know you'll then love us so much, you won't want to leave ;-)

"I'm so excited to offer you the Your Goal Challenge and a chance to get PAID for hitting your goals here at Redefining Strength in Costa Mesa, CA!

This challenge is a special way to kickstart your fitness journey and it's for people like you who are motivated to make a massive positive change in your life right NOW!

Trust me...we should know! We've helped 100s of motivated people just like you reach their goals!

This is an incredible deal and we will help you take your fitness to a totally new level so you can achieve goals you've thought were impossible for so long!" - Cori, owner of Redefining Strength
Transformations and Testimonials:
Don't wait another second!

We are a REAL gym in Costa Mesa, CA and want to get our name out in the community by getting YOU the results you deserve!

Claim your spot by clicking the button below.

Now It's Your Turn To Reach Your Goals!
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